What is Insourcing?
עבודה פנימית

Insourcing is the foundation of M54’s Theory of Change. The process of decision-making using our internal mechanisms of agency and soul is based on the Chabad Chassidic idea of עבודה פנימית (inner work). Life’s journey requires a shift from “outsourcing” which relies on external sources to Insourcing.

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m54 adults

M54 Adults facilitates structured interactions exploring life experiences in a relational setting. We Insource by harnessing the knowledge we acquire in adolescence and childhood -  the big ideas of the great texts, and teachers - to navigate life and our emerging new realities.

m54 Students

M54 Students is a customized learning experience in a relational setting. College and post-college students transition from childhood when consequential decisions were made by others, to a phase of independent decision-making. Insourcing empowers them to make their own decisions with greater clarity and self-determination.