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The M54 Topics of Conversation

The conversation occur over Zoom. 

Experience has demonstrated that Zoom enables a unique combination of intimacy and anonimity. 

Authoring Your Script

Beginning in childhood, our parents, teachers, and community hand us scripts to follow; forming them into our narrative is the process of maturation. While the process begins early in our lives, it’s in the mid-thirties and early-forties that we are most qualified to author our script. At that age, we’ve accumulated sufficient life experience, and we are settled in our personal and professional paths to shed flawed assumptions and confidently engage current realities. 

The Dance of Relationships 


Meaningful relationships are multilayered, containing cooperation, love, sacrifice, and intimacy, just to name a few. 

At times, the emphasis of one person is on one layer and the other on another layer. At times one person in the relationship is strong in one area and weak in another. 

A healthy and growing relationship is like a graceful and fun dance, where participants are attuned to each other and themselves as they waltz or salsa to the music. Conversations are an invaluable way of learning how to dance in relationships.

Evolving Parenting 

When children are born, their needs are relatively simple, making our role in their lives equally simple. Soon, their needs rapidly change, grow in complexity, and continuously evolve. There is no manual designed just for you on how to parent correctly because each family dynamic is unique. Understanding yourself, your partner, and your children is vital to parenting joyfully and with ease, and conversations are crucial to achieving this.

The Intersection of

Life & Judaism


Often life and Judaism arrive from differing directions; life from personal needs, Judaism from abstract ideas. Ideally, they support and benefit each other. At times though, Judaism has a minimal impact or is overlooked. Other times they clash, and Judaism can negatively affect your life. The intersection of the two is unique for each person, and it may also appear differently at various stages of your life. In conversation, explore what the intersection looks like to navigate it successfully.

 All three conversations can focus on one topic, or each conversation can be another topic.

You choose!

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