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Jewish Married Life
Private Seminar

A key to a successful marriage is navigating and merging each individual's uniqueness in a quiet and personal way.


Marital intimacy is a unique space where this occurs. Judaism offers a structure and rituals to nurture a relationship's depth and rawness, known as Taharat Ha'Mishpacha.

We invite couples who are preparing to get married or are already married to join us for a  private seminar (5 to 6 sessions) to learn and explore Taharat Ha'Mishpacha and integrate it into their unique relationship.

The private seminar is for the couple and facilitated by both of us.

The seminar occurs over zoom, and the couple will receive a recording of it for future review and some laughs when they show it to their grandkids.

The seminar tuition* is $750.

Much love,

Chanie and Peretz

*Scholarships available

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