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Since the onset of Covid much of our routine as Shluchim and Shluchos has been stripped away, leaving us with concentrated family lives and shlichus, and magnifying its dynamics - making this an opportune time to examine them in ways perhaps not possible before.

Properly crafted and curated conversations have an ability to explore these dynamics and navigate them, with the intention of nourishing the positive ones and confronting the negative ones. This way one gains a deeper understanding on how to create and nourish healthy dynamics instead of having the sentiment of - when Covid is over, the negative ones will end and only wistfully recall the positive ones

Peretz and Chanie Chein have been engaging in these conversations in their personal lives and in their Shlichus for the last 20 years, continuously infusing deeper meaning and livelines into both. Recently they have curated 30 group conversations with participants discovering newfound richness in themselves, their families, and careers.

Small group conversations allow one to learn from others and to put oneself forward.

Zoom group conversations allow for a careful balance of comfort, support, privacy and anonymity making it a modest environment for couples to engage with other couples. This presents a distinctive and first of its kind opportunity for Shluchim couples.

Zoom creates opportunities for unique dynamics in a group conversation.

  • Comfort: Sitting in the familiar setting of your home.

  • Support: Engaging with other couples seeking similar conversations

  • Privacy: By shutting off the camera and muting the microphone at designated times, couples can have private conversations.

  • Anonymity: By sharing on the whiteboard at designated times, participants can come forward while remaining anonymous.

Conventionally, Shluchim converse with other Shlucim and Shluchos with Shluchos. Shlichus however is a full partnership between a Shliach and Shlucha making a conversation between Shluchim couples a valuable opportunity. With zoom being a new norm for communicating, an opportunity has arisen to make such a conversation possible, in a modest way.

This experience is intended for Shluchim couples in their 30’s and 40’s who have accumulated significant life and Shlichus experience.

The cohort will be limited to 7-10 couples. Our experience has demonstrated that this number balances the personalization of a small group within the support of a larger one. Additional cohorts will be formed as needed.

The series of two conversations will occur on two consecutive weeks, for 60 minutes each. The day and time will be determined based on the availability of most participants.

Cost is $100 per couple for two conversations. Scholarships available.

For any questions or interest in a private conversation, reach out to or

In 5761 Peretz and Chanie went out on Shlichus and founded Chabad at Brandeis. To better service their growing constituency of alumni they expanded their Shlichus, founding M54 in 5780. M54 is a multidimensional approach that integrates life’s experiences with a nuanced understanding of Judaism. Learn more about it here.

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